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Event Conceptualization

It is very easy to want an event to take place. What’s hard is deciding how to make the concept a reality. 9Mark will take care of all of your events right from the catering, choosing the venue, the amount of guests invited all the way to the equipment needed. Oh, and we will do it within your assigned budget!

If you have an important business event coming up and you want to make the most out of it, choose 9Mark. Here are some of the key areas we manage.

  • Occasion
  • Theme
  • Event Date/Time
  • Type & number of visitors
  • Venue
  • Audio/Visual needs
  • Lighting & Decor
  • Vendor Management

Everything will be discussed with you before anything is actually implemented; we are only here to hep make your vision grand.

If you are planning a business or social event for your company, 9Mark has excellent event management skills to offer. We will plan it, arrange it and execute it in the best possible manner. Leave engaging the audience to us while you just enjoy. Rest assured your message will be communicated to the people attending.

Everything from the catering, the décor, the guest list venue selection/preparation and the seating will be taken care of in the best of ways.

Event Management


Every business needs to advertise its offerings to the public. In this era, Digital Video Commercials (DVCs) have gained immense importance for brands to stay relevant. This hasn’t, however, eliminated Television Video Commercials (TVCs). Most businesses rely on both to reach as many people as possible. 9Mark has expertise in formulating both kinds of advertisements.

If you choose to work with 9Mark, you can be sure of the fact that your customers will get very clear, concise and easy to interpret messages from us. The reason to keep all the work integrated on all digital platforms is to ensure that people don’t have a confused perception of your brand. so whether it is social media or traditional media or both, your brand will have a unified personality.

As long as you have an event in mind, we can plan it for you. Starting from setting the goals and objectives of the event, we will hire the best team of people and administration to overlook it all. Your event will be promoted and branded according to your liking and it will be backed by sponsorships and endorsements.

Even if you are looking for ideas and tips on how to launch and execute a successful event, we can connect you with some of the best of the industry to help you sort things out. It is understandable that sometimes a thorough plan is all that’s needed.

Event Planning


The most important asset of any filming work, be it a small scale project or a proper movie is a stable production team. We offer all sorts of supporting activities you might need while shooting your desired content. Here is what we offer for production work:

  • Filming
  • Aerial Co-Ordination.
  • Calligraphy
  • Digital Distribution.
  • Editing Services, Offline.

9Mark prides itself on having a very talented production team to bring you nothing short of the best possible service in your budget.

Having the right kind of office or retail space can actually induce a motivated mindset to work better. Moreover, your office décor speaks volumes about what customers should expect from your business. We offer amazing interior designing ideas from conceptualization to the implementation.

We have a portfolio we can show you so you have some samples to get ideas. We also offer completely customized services suited to whatever our clients envision for their interior spaces.

Interior Designing

Content Creation

Good content is always easier to promote to get more attention; the right kind of attention. We have SEO based writers in our team to create some of the best written content for your brand. Not only writing, we have amazing graphic designers and artists in the team as well to create corresponding visuals for you. You will get trendy and relevant content to get the most traction.

You can hand us your social media handles as well if you want our team to control the posting schedules or you can simply take the content from us and use it as you would deem appropriate.

Rest assured the content we provide will set your business apart from your competitors. We will keep the tone of the content homogenous with your brand’s personality and values so you don’t attract any negative attention.